Nataša Kočar

Nataša Kočar


Nataša Kočar, co-founder of KUOD Bayani dance company, head of KUOD Bayani dance company, dancer, teacher  and coreographer of oriental and indian dance, also memeber of CID UNESCO. She has a degree in geography and sociology from Ljubljana´s Faculty of arts.

Nataša started her dance education at the age of 12 at one of Ljubljana´s top dance schools Urška. After 2 years of over-all dance training (jazz, latin, standard) she decided to go deeper into jazz balet. After 4 years she quieted dance and soon found the love for oriental music. This drove her further and in 2000 she joined her first oiental dance school. It was love at first site. After she stared with a life-long affair with oriental dance. She visited more than 200 WS with different teacher from Egypt, Europe and America (among her favourites are Morocco, Randa Kamel, Maria Aya, Marie el Fajr, Helene Erikssen, Nesma al Andalus). She is a certificated oriental dance teacher and dancer. For 12 years already, she teaches 7-9 classes per week and has around 70 regular students each year. She organizes WS and events and passionately produces shows (Jalla jalla 2006, Zaghareet 2007, Hayeti 2009, Kundalini 2010, Zeina 2011, Om Shakti 2013, Hamsa 2015, Hamsa Circle 2017). Last three years she is aslo known as co-organizer of Slovenian oriental dance festival Nawar. Her passion for knowledge is infinite. She reads a lot of professional literature, studies and travels to countries of origin as much as she can. 

Her indian dance career started in 2002 when she took her first Bharata natyam class with Ujwal Bhole in Ljubljana. Soon she joined slovenian bharatanatyam group Nataraj, for regular classes and performances. On 2007 she met her Kathak teacher. She new at once this will be her main indian dance. Since 2008, she studies Kathak with different teachers (Mayala Bracha, Subhash Viman Gorania, Hemant Devara, Geetanjali Lal, Ines Smiljanič). She likes semi-classical bollywood. In 2008 KUOD Bayani established indian dance group called Shakti.  

NAtaša Kočar

Nataša´s life dance moto is: » To promote oriental and indian dance as stage art !«